Sublime Higher Secondary School(SHSS) is conbeniently city of Nepal, Pokhara-7, Ratnachowk which was established with the motto "Quality Education and Education for all" in the year 2052 B.S. As the motto goes, particularly it aims at imparting its students with education that strangthens them to deal with different treats and challenges of this modern age attaining an innovative and inventive mind.

Now the school is running +2 programmes for Management and Humanities faculties in morning shift being affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board, Government of Nepal. SHSS believes in efficint, positive and holistic approach of education so as to generate competent honest and true citizens for the nation. The world at present, seems to have inclined towards modern technologies in each and ecery walk of life. Therefore it is a prime need of students to get acquainted with practical education through modern technolory rather than theoretical methods. We always try to create willingnes to take responsibilities and eagerness for leadership among the students so that they can be decked with each and every skill they need to combat the complexities in future.