About Sublime

SHSS is established with the view to cater its students a highly modernized education, perfectly suited to the needs and demands of students in this 21st century. Education is not life but it is a preparation for life I presume. It is a sole aim of SHSS to enhance each and every students enrolled in this institution to provide such a learning that they never hinder in the race of their life. At present, SHSS is running Management and Humanities faculty with the strong hope of its extension to Science and Education in the yeats to come. The dedicated, well qualified and experienced teaching staff in here ensure that the students in this institution will be well equipped with every quality, capability and efficiency to groom their career as they aspire in the future. They will find themselves able to use their entrepreneur aptitude and hidden potentiality.

Finally, I hope all the well wishers will have a visit to this school and help a great deal in terms of its progress and prosperity.
                                          Parajuli Liladhur,Director

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Sublime Higher Secondary School. It is a challenging task for students/parents to choose right stream and right collage at affordable cost. Here, I am proud and responsible to deliver quality education by this institution through experts and experienced team spirit. We don't believe in just delivering lectures instead we pursue modern teaching techniques and academic strategies. We are ready to walk arm in arm, share our ideas and knowledge with the students of new generation. I do hope that students after the completion of their studies in here will realize that they had right choice to join thsi institution as finding themselves easy to intermingle with the society and being prosperous in their future.

We would like to assure with our motto"Quality Education and Education for all.
                                            Parajuli Yubaraj, Co-ordinator

The Sublime Higher Secondary School has the following objectives for its academic career.

  • To provide highly motivated academic environment for students with excellent modern educational technologies where students learn by doing

  • To justify its existence in terms of delivering the desired excellence in its educational progress.

  • To produce dedicated, competent and trustworthy citizens to cope with the challenges of new nepal.