Sublime Higher Secondary School offers attractive scholarship scheme for the students as furnished below.

Private School
Criteria Discount in fee
85% & above SLC 100%
(80-84)% & above SLC 50%
(75-79)% & above SLC 30%

Public School
Criteria Discount in fee
Above 80% 100%
(75-80)% in SLC 50%
(70-74)% in SLC 30%

Full scholarship will be awarded to the entrance topper both boys and girls

Outstanding students(Toppers) of class XI will be awarded with full scholarship for class XII

The SLC graduate students of SHSS will be provided with attractive scholarship in +2 programs.

  Pant/Skirt Shirt Socks Sweater Coat
Boys Moss Green Powder Blue White Black Moss Green
Girls Moss Green Powder Blue Black Black Moss Green